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Moving Tips #1 - Preparing to move

Want to make your house move as stress free as possible?

We are aware that moving home can be incredibly stressful and sometimes people can feel a little bit unorganised, here are some tips to help ease some of that stress.


Everyone ends up with clutter drawers and junk in their loft, basement or cupboards that they do not want but keep. It is time to declutter! A fresh start for your new home. Get rid of anything you no longer need, whether that be taking things to the charity shop, clothes bank, giving them away to family or friends or just throwing them away as they are no longer any good. Start this decluttering process early, so once its time to pack you only have the things you want ready to be packed up.

Need any packing materials?

Think about what packing materials you may need especially for fragile items as they need to be kept protected. If you are unsure ask the removal company you have gone for, for some advice on what you may need. If you are finding it too stressful or you just do not have the time maybe look in to packing services, where the removals company will come in and pack up all your belongings for you. That all depends on your budget of course.

Label and colour code your boxes

How frustrating would it be getting to your new home with all those boxes not knowing what room to put them in without opening them up?

Make sure you label or colour code the boxes for each room so they can easily be placed into the correct room ready to be unpacked.

Inform people you are moving home!

Let anyone that needs to know that you are going to have a change of address, your doctors, work, family, friends and anyone else that may send you letters or cards. You do not want any important letters getting delivered to your old home.

Pack an essential bag

Grab a backpack or a small duffle bag, put all essential things you may need during your move. This could include medication, documents, a phone charger, toiletries, anything you could potentially need. Knowing exactly where everything is key so you do not have to go on a hunt for anything.

There are many more tips we could add, but to keep our blog posts short and sweet we will post some more on a separate post soon. If you have any specific questions, feel free to check out the FAQ section of our site or get in touch and we would be happy to help.


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Daniel Alfred
Daniel Alfred
19 de mar.

02 de dez. de 2022

Recruit as much assistance as you can. You can’t do it all on your own, and friends and family will be happy to lend a hand. Accept all offers of help. Even if someone isn’t able to lug boxes upstairs - if they offer to cook you a meal, accept it with a smile. Equally, if a task – such as packing – feels like it will defeat you, consider spending money on professionals to do it. I see this a lot. And this is where house removals north London come in.

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